360 Performance Protein Single Serve

Tear sachet, tip into shaker, add water, shake and take! Perfect for those with a busy lifestyle!

27g of protein per serving*

100% Recyclable Plastic

Vegetarian Gluten-Free Non-GMO Grass Fed

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360 Performance Protein Single Serve

Our research team have formulated the perfect protein blend using our highly purified whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate and our extremely popular Casein. All our proteins are sourced from free range, grass fed cows completely free from rBST or any growth hormones. Giving you the best of the best in nutrition.  

Our proprietary protein blend contains multiple sources of protein and each of these proteins has their own unique amino acid profiles and rates of digestion. We have optimized the blend and amino acid profile to ensure that you sustain your gains well after you finish your work out.

Our Whey Protein Isolate is highly purified which means it digests by your body very quickly which provides a huge spike in muscle protein synthesis, the only disadvantage is that as a result the protein is used up quickly and protein synthesis drops rapidly soon after.

The absorption rate of our whey protein concentrate is slightly slower than whey protein isolate, so it lasts longer in your body providing a slightly steadier release of protein into your blood stream. However, you will still have to take it often throughout the day if you lead a particularly active lifestyle.

Our Casein is a very slow release protein which means is stays in the body for a much longer time dosing the blood with a very steady supply of amino acids two or three times a day which slows down protein catabolism and the resulting protein breakdown. The slow digestion of Casein aids recovery and muscle growth even as you sleep.

Our 360 Performance Blend combines the benefits of all three proteins, so you get the benefits of all three in one delicious shake. When you consume a protein blend you digest protein of different absorption rates which prolongs the rate of muscle protein synthesis. Amino Acid retention in the muscles is significantly higher when a protein blend is consumed, which essentially prolongs the anabolic response which in turn leads to greater muscle growth.

What are the benefits of Yalla Protein’s 360 Performance Protein Blend?

  • We use only premium and pure whey from grass fed cows all the way from New Zealand and the United Kingdom
  • We use only the highest quality ingredients with no added fillers or stabilizers
  • Our Performance Protein Blend offers a massive 26.7g* of protein per serving with different absorption rates
  • Sustain your gains with our unique protein blend that promotes satiety and acts as a dietary aid
  • Rich source of BCAAs from high quality protein blend
  • Helps promote satiety
  • Smooth and Creamy texture

When should you take our 360 Performance Protein Blend ?

360 Performance Protein Single Serce is a great supplement for the sustained release of protein throughout the day, between meals, and before bed, when our bodies are most in need of amino acids to aid the muscle rebuild process.

*Nutritional values based on 360 Performance Protein Blend – Vanilla 

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