100% Pure L-Glutamine

Promotes Physical Endurance

Supports Recovery and Muscle Growth

Improves Gut Health

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100% Pure L-Glutamine

Yalla Protein’s 100% Pure L-Glutamine is the purest and finest grade of Glutamine powder on the sports nutrition market. Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid found in the muscles of the body and is considered a must have supplement for those involved in intense training and exercise.

Glutamine performs a number of roles; including the support of muscle growth and fueling the cells of the immune and digestive system. Without enough glutamine in the body, muscles wouldn't recover and grow, our health would deteriorate, and our digestive system would not be able to absorb the food we eat. This is the very reason Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body!

Although not considered an essential amino acid, Glutamine provides many benefits to the body and in certain circumstances, utilisation will outpace the bodies demand.

What are the benefits of 100% Pure L-Glutamine?

  • Promotes physical endurance
  • Supports muscular growth
  • Aids in the recovery process
  • Limits anxiety and depression
  • Improves gut health

L-Glutamine is extremely versatile, and supplementation will depend on the individual’s circumstances and purpose. However, as an example research has found taking 0.1-0.3g of Glutamine per kg of body weight can reduce delayed onset muscle soreness.

We have intentionally not flavoured our L-Glutamine powder to ensure it remains as pure as possible. You can purchase Yalla Protein’s 100% Pure L-Glutamine in three convenient sizes; 0.25kg, 0.5kg and 1kg. For even more convenience try our L-Glutamine 1000mg tablets

When should you take 100% Pure L-Glutamine?

Glutamine can be consumed any time of the day, morning, noon or night. The primary function is to support muscular growth, promote physical endurance and improve recovery after an intense workout.

100% Pure L-Glutamine

Ingredients: 100% L-Glutamine Powder

Nutritional Facts - 100% Pure L-Glutamine

per Serving (5g) % Daily Value*
L-Glutamine Powder 5g ϯ

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000-calorie diet

ϮPercent Daily Values not established

Add water into our Yalla Protein Shaker, add one and half scoops (5g) of powder, shake well and consume. Use 1-3 times daily for the best results.

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